Open Access Week 2017: Open in order to…

Dr. Rainer Rees, Dr. Jochen Bihn, Dr. Lothar Nunnenmacher

The theme of this year’s Open Access week fits very well to the recent developments at Lib4RI. The institutional repository DORA was launched in Fall 2016 for Eawag and Empa, and in Spring 2017 for WSL. By sending their accepted versions to DORA, researchers can now easily…

…increase access to knowledge
…raise the visibility of their research
…enable global participation in research
…facilitate collaboration

Another good news reached us last week: The PSI directorate conference decided to introduce DORA also at PSI. We are currently planning to launch DORA PSI in 2019.

One year after the start of DORA, we have already filled the institutional repositories with more than 36’000 publications. About 17 % of these publications are available Open Access.


Total No. of publications

Total No. of OA articles

Green OA articles


11,638 1,755 1,038


12,953 1,356 699


11,986 669 142

The total number of OA articles in DORA is constantly rising, as more and more researchers from Eawag, Empa and WSL are sending us accepted versions of their articles for Open Access publishing in DORA. Furthermore, there are still some Empa and WSL publications, that still need to be migrated from the old system and will increase the total number of articles. The current state of the migration process can be looked up on the DORA website (DORA EawagDORA EmpaDORA WSL). You can also find information on the status of the correction-works on this website.

Please contact us at @email if you have general questions or comments regarding Open Access. If you have specific question about DORA you can contact us via @email. Please contribute to the Open Access Week 2017 by sending us accepted versions of your scientific papers either via mail or use the online form.