Online Media Archive Database: Swissdox Essentials

Dimitris Antonakis

Lib4RI users can now access the media archive Swissdox. The database includes approximately 290 sources with articles from 1911 onwards and provides evidence of the history and wide range of the Swiss media landscape. A user-friendly interface and a high-performing search engine with various filter options can accommodate users to find daily and weekly newspapers, magazines and journals, press agencies, online media as well as newspapers that are no longer published.

Search strategies

  • Exact search (standard): The «exact» box is activated: You will receive a list with documents, in which all your search terms occur, sorted in descending order by date. The standard linking of the search terms is AND.
  • Search by relevance: The «exact» box is deactivated: You will receive a list with the most relevant documents in descending order, regardless of the date. The standard linking of the search terms is OR.

Additional information for effective searching can be found in the Swissdox online help.

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Please do not hesitate to contact @email should you have questions concerning Swissdox or you would like to suggest a journal, database or another product. We also highly value your feedback on our new products.