Mark Cieliebak: Language Models. Fundamental technologies and applications

Available slots
50 / 50
Eawag-Empa Dübendorf, Forum Chriesbach, FC C-24 & via Zoom

This is the first event in Lib4RI's free lecture series "Generative AI & LLMs in academia".

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Mark Cieliebak, Centre for Artificial Intelligence, ZHAW

Abstract: In this presentation, Mark Cieliebak sheds light on recent developments in Generative AI, with a strong focus on Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT. This covers topics as broad as text summarization, essay generation, or chatbots. He will introduce the underlying technologies, present several showcases, and assess the potential of LLMs in future research and development. The core algorithms will be explained on a level that is also suitable for a non-technical audience.

Zoom: This event can also be attended via Zoom. Registration is only necessary for attendance on-site.

Apero: An apero is offered after the lecture.