New Team Members

Stephanie Hofmann

Two new members joined the library team on July 4: Laura Tobler and Dorothe Staub.

Dorothe Staub is the new member in the «InfoServices & Institutional Bibliography» group, where she is responsible for the consolidation of our print journal collection. She will work at the library locations in Dübendorf and Birmensdorf during the next year. Dorothe received a diploma in Information and Documentation Science from HTW Chur and has several years of work experience in academic libraries.

Laura Tobler joins the group «E-Resources» at Lib4RI: Eawag-Empa in Dübendorf. Her primary duties are the management and administration of electronic resources, for which she will develop workflows and best practices. This includes the administration of the library’s SFX Link Resolver, designed to provide seamless access to full text of journal articles and other resources for library users. Laura received a Bachelor’s degree from HTW Chur and worked at the ETH library prior to joining Lib4RI.

We welcome you both to the team of Lib4RI and wish you a good start! At the same time we say goodbye to Judith Meier and Fabian Uhl. Corinne Ronchetti will leave at the end of August. We thank all of them for their great commitment and wish them all the best for the future!