New publication service - let us do the work for you!

Publication Services Team

We are now actively harvesting publications affiliated to the four research institutes from external databases. Some of you may have already received e-mails about publications we have recorded in DORA that you have not yet sent to us.

As a new service, we aim to reduce the effort of you having to send us your publications. Instead, we will collect the publication’s metadata automatically ourselves. Newly indexed publications in external databases are loaded into DORA daily and are ready for us to check and import. We receive metadata such as title, abstract and keywords and we check and set the availability of the full-text document. This process is integrated into our repository, DORA, making it more user-friendly for you and more time-efficient for our DORA Team.

Although our goal is to reduce any action needed on your part, we still ask you to check the publication record once available in DORA and inform us about any inconsistencies (e.g. authors’ affiliations). Since we usually do not have access to the accepted versions of articles we may ask you to send us the accepted version of publications that are not Open Access. By taking the green road to Open Access, we can make the accepted version freely available and increase your research visibility at no additional costs. You can find more information regarding the different versions of a publication and the green and golden Open Access way here.

Currently, 1668 accepted versions, 22993 Open Access publications (green, gold and hybrid Open Access) and 34992 restricted full-text publications are registered in DORA. We aim to reduce the number of closed publications to a minimum. Note that you can send us accepted versions of your older articles at any point through our feedback forms on the right of every single publication.

Keep in mind, that we receive publications that are indexed in external databases automatically, so we still ask you to send us the publications that are not recorded in DORA. Please do so through our online form (e.g. Eawag online form).

This new tool has been developed by Lib4RI and is accessible free of charge online for other repositories to use. Our poster presented in the open repositories conference in 2019 explains the details of the code. You can find the related abstract here.

Should you have any questions about this new function do not hesitate to contact us.