New plagiarism check service

The Publication Services Team

You can now send your manuscripts to us for a free plagiarism check. Plagiarism – in other words copying context from other sources without proper citation – has always been prosecuted and nowadays is thoroughly checked. Many journals and funders check your manuscript for plagiarism and the result can be a reason to reject your submission.

We use the software PlagScan to perform the analysis for you. You can simply send us your manuscript through this online form and we will provide you with the results within a few days. Please note, that the results only indicate the level of similarity between your manuscript and other sources online and not by default a level of plagiarism. We do not interpret the results, but provide you with information on how you can do so. For more information, please see our detailed website on the plagiarism check service.

Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us per email to @email.