New Lib4RI-Info «Open Access»


A new Lib4RI-Info Sheet about Open Access (OA) publishing has been created for your convenience. It gives an overview of OA publishing options, and illustrates OA services offered by Lib4RI.

As you can see, you can increase the OA portion of your publications as well by using the green OA road: simply submit the accepted version of your closed-access publication to DORA and it will be made accessible in our repository.

Lib4RI concentrates on services making OA easy and trouble-free for researchers:

  • Read & Publish agreements with 11 Publishers and a total of 9064 journals.
  • OA agreements with 3 publishers and a total of 519 journals.
  • Lib4RI OA fund supporting our researchers to publish in gold OA journals.
  • Assisted Deposited Service: automatic addition of articles in our institutional repository DORA and identification of articles with potential for Green OA. We contact authors to receive accepted versions and make articles OA.
  • Complete bibliography and OA monitoring: all research publications of the four research institutes are registered in DORA, allowing for easy filtering, creating of publication lists, and OA monitoring.
  • OA and copyright courses. We also offer presentations tailored to your group’s needs.

Contact us any time for more information on Open Access publishing.