New launch of Kartenportal.CH

Dr. Maura Vonmoos

Since beginning of November, the specialist portal for maps from libraries and archives in Switzerland Kartenportal.CH comes in a new look. Kartenportal.CH pools the information necessary for map searches in one place. The most attractive feature is the geographic search interface. This geographic search option ‘Geosuche’ allows to easily find maps held in Swiss libraries of universities and federal institutions by selecting an area on an interactive map (Google Maps, OpenStreetMap). Kartenportal.CH also contains a directory of map collections from libraries and archives in Switzerland with information on holdings, usage, and contact details. The new Kartenportal.CH comes in German, French, Italian and English. Furthermore, the website is now being optimized for the access through mobile devices like tablets and smartphones and comes with a blog containing interesting aspects around maps.

Kartenportal.CH is operated by the Swiss electronic library and was developed as a cooperative project between several institutions, with Lib4RI being one of them.