New joint library for the research institutes

Dr. Lothar Nunnenmacher

Eawag, Empa, PSI and WSL are intensifying their cooperation by fusing their respective libraries. The joint library, “Lib4RI” (Library for the Research Institutes within the ETH Domain: Eawag, Empa, PSI & WSL), will bring synergies and increased efficiency. It will allow the four institutions to make much-needed additions to their stock of literature as early as 1st January 2011 and this after a planning phase lasting only a few months. Lib4RI organization and administration will be the responsibility of Eawag. Lib4RI Director will be Lothar Nunnenmacher.

The existing inventories will remain at their respective locations and, via the NEBIS lending association, will be accessible to all staff, regardless of the research institute they work at. There will also be an improved, state-of-the-art, electronic library. The new Lib4RI website, scheduled to go online on 10th February 2011, will provide access to all library services and resources. The roll-out will coincide with the official opening of the new library – at 9.30am at PSI, at 1pm at WSL and at 4.30pm at Eawag.