New: Artech House Publishing at Lib4RI

Rainer Rees-Mertins

From October on, Lib4RI users have access to all Artech House e-books. Artech House is a small publishing house based in London and Norwood, MA that specializes in e-books. The main topics of the Artech House e-books are science and engineering, the most important sub disciplines are electronics engineering, bioengineering, technology management, power engineering, nanoscience and electromagnetics. You can find the Artech House e-book collection here.

Evidence based acquisition model

Lib4RI has not actually bought the Artech House e-books yet, but the access is granted via a so-called Evidence-Based Acquisition Model (EBA). In an EBA model, the library user has access to the contents a publisher provides and at the end of license term the library can select the books for which perpetual access should be established. The evidence on which the selection is based are the usage statistics. Like a Demand Driven Acquisition model an EBA model allows us to offer a lot of content and minimizes the chance of low usage.

The number of publishers who offer such alternative acquisition models is rising and we hope to agree with further publishers on DDA or EBA models in the near future.

We appreciate your feedback on the Artech House e-books on @email.