New in 2014: E-Books

Laura Tobler, Dr. Maura Vonmoos, Dr. Lothar Nunnenmacher

Since 2013 our stock in e-books has been increased by many new books:

  • The complete e-book collection from the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) published between 1993-2012.
  • More than 250 Edward Elgar e-books in «Environmental Economics», «Environmental Law», «Environmental Management» and «Environmental Politics & Policy» published from 1997-2012.
  • 20 new e-book series from Elsevier (as e.g. Advances in Applied Mechanics, in Catalysis, in Chemical Engineering, in Ecological Research, in Imaging and Electron Physics, in Microbial Physiology, and the Methods in Cell Biology and in Enzymology) are now electronically accessible.
  • The Institute of Physics (IOP): started a new e-book programme with the two book series «Expanding Physics» (10 titles) and «Concise Physics» (25 titles). All titles are available to our users.
  • The complete e-book collection from Momentum Press in the subject area «Engineering»: 116 books about sensors and controls engineering, civil and structural engineering, applied mechanics, advanced energy engineering, and materials science and engineering.
  • Trial access to the two Colloquium and Synthesis Collections from Morgan & Claypool: Digital Library of Life Sciences and Digital Library of Engineering & Computer Science.
  • All e-books from National Research Council of Canada (NRC).
  • We purchased the «Materials and Engineering Collection» from Woodhead, with 478 e-books from 1981-2012. They shortly will be available. As Woodhead is another publisher acquired recently by Elsevier, access will also be via Science Direct. The e-books which will be published in 2014 are part of the Elsevier e-book collections Lib4RI is licensing.
  • All collections from World Scientific, e.g. «Chemistry», «Engineering/Acoustics», «Environmental Science», «Life Sciences/Biology», «Materials Science», «Nanotechnology & Nanoscience», «Physics», «Social Sciences». This contains a total of 2,837 titles published in 2005-2013.

Additionally, we expanded and updated our presently available e-book collections from ACSCRC Pressde GruyterElsevierInternational Water Association (IWA)KnovelOECDRoyal Society of Chemistry (RSC)Safari Tech Books and Springer to include the books which will be published in 2014. We also added e-books published in 2013 to our collection of CABI and Hanser e-books. The «Legacy Collection» from Elsevier has been expanded by nearly 6,500 e-books published in the years1940-1994. More e-books and major reference works from Wiley will soon be available.

The Lib4RI Searchbox with the option «Books» on the top of every page of our website is a convenient tool to search for our e-books. You are then forwarded to the NEBIS catalogue. Following the tab «Online Resource» of a book record links you to the electronic version if available. Alternatively, you can visit our website (Resources > Books > E-Books) which lists the publishers of our e-books.

Should you encounter access problems or have questions concerning our e-books, do not hesitate to contact us at @email. What do you think about the new products and trials? We value your feedback.