Nature Journals at Lib4RI - Now Complete

Rainer Rees-Mertins

The library Lib4RI offers its users from now on access to all nature publishing group (npg) journals and all journal volumes. Besides the nature branded journals, all nature review journals and all other journals are from now on accessible to our users. The complete list of all nature journals can be found here. They can of course also be accessed via our homepage and our linkresolver if you are coming from other sources. The journals that are new to Lib4RI’s portfolio are mainly from the subject areas medicine and life science. Journals for which the number of accessible volumes has remarkably improved are for example Nature Biotechnology and Nature Genetics.

The NPG journals rank amongst the most well-known journals at all and have an excellent scientific reputation. This is also expressed by their high impact factors and their ranks in the respective subject categories. The 2014 InCites journal citation report lists 35 NPG journals with an impact factor >10.

In 2016 Lib4RI will add another 4 new Nature journals to its portfolio: Nature Plants, Nature Microbiology, Nature Energy und Nature Reviews Materials.

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