Lib4RI-Update #26: More Options to Publish Open Access


Researchers at the four research institutes Eawag, Empa, PSI, and WSL have more options now than ever to publish their research results Open Access (OA) and free of charge. Several new agreements significantly expand our portfolio of journals, allowing authors to publish their articles OA without having to pay an article processing charge (APC).

New Read & Publish Agreements
New Read & Publish agreements have been reached with a number of publishers. Researchers at the four research institutes can now publish OA articles free of charge in journals of the following publishers:

The corresponding author of the submitted article has to be affiliated with Eawag, Empa, PSI, or WSL in order to take advantage of these agreements. Please note that for some publishers, the number of articles to be published OA free of charge is limited to an annual quota. For more journal specific information and for information concerning Read & Publish agreements with many other publishers, please consult the Lib4RI website.

These agreements are the latest addition to Lib4RIs growing collection of Read & Publish agreements, constituting a significant departure from the previous standard in subscription license agreements. They combine the license fee for reading access (to articles behind a paywall) with the payment of publishing articles OA under one centrally negotiated agreement. Therefore, authors at the research institutes can publish OA without additional costs. In line with the Swiss National Open Access strategy, these deals are shifting the business model underlying academic journal publishing from one based on toll access to one in which publishers are remunerated for their OA services.

New Agreements with Pure Open Access Publishers
In addition to these OA deals with «traditional» publishers, Lib4RI concluded further agreements with two pure Open Access publishers. Corresponding authors affiliated with Eawag, Empa, PSI, and WSL submitting to any journal of the following publishers will not be charged an OA fee:

Publishing fees are paid directly by Lib4RI and authors will not receive an invoice for their article. For more information, please consult the Lib4RI website.

Do you want to publish in a pure OA journal that is not covered by any of our agreements with publishers? The Lib4RI Open Access Fund pays OA publication fees on behalf of researchers! Some funding conditions apply, e.g. the corresponding author needs to be (co-)affiliated with one of the research institutes within the ETH domain. For more information about the funding conditions and application procedure, please visit the Open Access Fund webpage of Lib4RI, or contact us via email.

Even More Options to Publish Open Access without Paying $$$: Green OA
Even though we already concluded agreements that allow you to publish OA free of charge in almost 10’000 journals, we understand that you still might want to publish in a journal not covered by one of these contracts. This includes, for example, articles for which you are not the corresponding author or publications in journals published by Nature and ACS. In such cases, instead of paying the journal an unreasonable fee to publish your article (hybrid) OA, we recommend making your article freely available in DORA via the green road to OA.

All you need to do is to submit the accepted version of your article (manuscript after peer review without the final layout of the publisher) via email to DORA. Most journals allow this way to OA, but require an embargo period until the article can be made freely available in the repository. While this is certainly a compromise, researchers can still benefit from this path to OA by having the widest possible audience for their articles. Information about the OA availability of articles in DORA is harvested by services like Unpaywall, and full-text links to free versions in repositories are integrated and displayed on Web of Science and Scopus. The green road to OA thus makes it very easy for potential readers to find your articles!

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