Lib4RI Joins OpenAPC


Lib4RI has provided data on Open Access fees paid by the Open Access Publication Fund from 2009 to 2020 to OpenAPC and will continue to support transparency of cost development in the future.

An interactive presentation of the data is compiled by OpenAPC:

Little is known about the prices research institutions pay for access to journals due to complex purchasing models and confidentiality agreements. This opaque pricing practice contributes to market inefficiency and dysfunctionality of the subscription system for academic journals. In order to achieve a cost-effective and efficient system of academic publishing, stakeholders need to gain insight into the actual costs and conditions. This is especially important in the current transition to Open Access. To this end, the OpenAPC initiative releases data sets on fees paid for Open Access journal articles by universities, funders, and research institutions. The datasets provided by OpenAPC enable various costs analyses on Open Access publishing across institutions and publishers.