Lib4RI invests in Open Science Services


Lib4RI provides financial contributions to Open Science services close to the research community and essential to our daily operations. Libraries are becoming increasingly involved in helping sustain these services through initiatives like SCOSS, which helps non-commercial Open Science services build sustainable business models. The national project SwissCOSS co-funded by swissuniversities marks the beginning of our own involvement and we have since contributed to more services available to everyone.

  • arXiv: Researchers have been using the pioneering preprint Open Access repository arXiv intensively ever since its creation.
  • Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ): DOAJ indexes journals that publish Gold Open Access articles only and is committed to assisting editors and publishers to follow best practice publishing guidelines.
  • Islandora: Our repository DORA employs the open-source framework Islandora.
  • Public Knowledge Platform (PKP): PKP is an initiative developing open-source software such as the Open Journals Systems. Lib4RI contributes to this initiative because it was included in the last SCOSS funding cycle and its relation to EMPA. The Journal RILEM Technical Letters with an editor from EMPA uses the Open Journals Systems developed by PKP.
  • SciPost: SciPost is a non-profit Diamond Open Access publisher. Diamond Open Access refers to Open Access publishing without publication and subscription fees charged to authors and readers.
  • SCOAP³: SCOAP³ has converted key journals in the field of High-Energy Physics to Open Access at no cost for authors. SCOAP³ centrally pays publishers for costs involved in providing Open Access. Publishers, in turn, reduce subscription fees to all of their customers, who can re-direct these funds to contribute to SCOAP³. SCOAP³ is a global consortium to fund Open Access Publications in Particle Physics. PSI publishes approximately 6% of the Swiss publications (based on SCOAP³ counting method).
  • SherpaRomeo: Sherpa/Romeo is an invaluable resource to identify journal copyright and Open Access policies. We use it to identify relevant Open Access policies for publications of the four research institutes in DORA.

We will continue to invest in Open Science services that will benefit our researchers and our practices. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further suggestions for memberships or any questions.