The Islandora Camp starts today - we welcome all attendees!

Michael Köbberich

DORA is the bibliography and institutional repository at the four research institutes Eawag, Empa, PSI and WSL, provided by Lib4RI. Launched as recently as 2016 there were still more than 60.000 items added since, of which over 16.000 are Open Access. The software framework making all of that possible is based on the Open Source projects Drupal, Islandora, and Fedora (

Islandora Camps, or short iCamps, are annually reoccurring events initiated by the Islandora Foundation ( Islandora was originally developed by the University of Prince Edward Island’s Robertson Library, but is now implemented and contributed to by an ever-growing international community. The Islandora Foundation is a federally incorporated, community-driven soliciting non-profit organisation. It oversees the maintenance of the primary code base and provides the framework needed to consolidate the numerous contributions received from the community.

Today, we feel pleased to welcome international members of the Islandora community, attending this week’s workshop, here at Forum Chriesbach in Dübendorf. As of today, we look forward to an exciting schedule, which is further detailed on the webpage of the workshop (

Lib4RI is looking forward to meet you at iCamp!