Independent Scholarly Publishers Group: Trial

Lothar Nunnenmacher, Laura Tobler

The Independent Scholarly Publishers Group (ISPG) is a new and expanding coalition of publishers of high-impact journals and related academic content. Among others, the group includes the American Society for Cell Biology, the American Society of Plant Biologists, the Company of Biologists, Duke University Press, the Genetics Society of America and the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. Currently, they offer 42 e-journals, with 8 of them being Open Access, and one book series. All content is in the field of life sciences.

Lib4RI supports independent society publishers – although we have to admit, that we had some serious problems in the last years with very high price increases from some of the societies , and especially from the American Physical Society. Nevertheless, in general society publishers and university presses counterbalance the oligopoly of the few big commercial publishers dominating the publishing market. In a classical study Bergstrom and Bergstrom (2004) showed that nonprofit publishers have distinctly lower prices per page compared to profit maximizing commercial publishers.

Therefore, we are pleased to offer you a 12 month trial until August 2015 to all the e-journals of the Independent Scholarly Publishers Group. We appreciate your feedback to @email.