Improved Symbols for Full-Text Availability in DORA

Publication Services Team

Until now, all full texts were marked with two symbols: an open-green locker in case the full text was available to read and a closed-grey locker if not. We have now improved these symbols by using the open-green locker only for open access articles, an open-yellow locker for full texts that are only internally available, and the closed-grey locker for full texts unavailable to our users.

This change is only relevant to intranet network logged-in users of the four institutes. For all others, the main two colours remain (green for open access articles and grey for unavailable full texts). Intranet users can now see in one glance if a full text is open access or not.

The «Published Version» is not open access, but is available to our internal users thus it is marked with an open-yellow locker, whereas the «Accepted Version» in this example is an open access document (marked by the open-green locker).

This makes it much easier for you to see whether your articles are open access or not – and whether it would be beneficial to you to send us the accepted versions of your articles to take full advantage of the green open-access way. We will check the copyright rules and if possible upload the full text of your accepted version available for the whole world to read!

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email to @email.