Improved Project Management System


Lib4RI has overhauled its project management system. We are now planning, organising and documenting all library projects on a single collaboration platform. Having carefully considered and clearly defined the goals, timelines, milestones, tasks, responsibilities and limitations of all library projects, Lib4RI is stepping up its collaboration and productivity. To date, we have fed 20 ongoing and future Lib4RI projects into the system. While project-specific information is continuing to be added, we are taking a minimalist approach – with a clear focus on user benefit rather than excessive project documentation.

Lib4RI has changed a lot since its establishment in 2011. Over the years, we have developed many services for our researchers. With our improved project management system we are facilitating the development of new services in the future. We feel certain our streamlined system will help us keep providing you with excellent products and services.