IEEE downloads exhausted

Dr. Maura Vonmoos & Dr. Lothar Nunnenmacher

As of today, there are no more IEEE downloads to our fee-based file cabinet left. In part, this has been caused by the totally unnecessary download of AIP articles.

Lib4RI holds a subscription to IEEE Journals Library Plus, which gives our users unlimited access to the articles from all IEEE journals and magazines published in the last two years. An additional fee must be paid for all journal articles older than two years and all conference papers. These articles can be downloaded into a shared “file cabinet”. The latter is also true for the articles from journals published by the American Institute of Physics (AIP), such as Applied Physics Letters, Journal of Applied Physics or Review of Scientific Instruments.

The download of AIP articles via IEEE Xplore, which incurs extra costs for the library, is a great annoyance as we have a separate subscription to these journals with unlimited access via AIP. In 2011 Lib4RI already bought 2500 downloads for the IEEE file cabinet. Now all these downloads have been used up and a considerable part of these downloads are AIP articles. Although we have had long discussions, IEEE is not able to block and thereby prevent Lib4RI users from downloading these AIP articles. Moreover, our negotiations to exempt such articles from charges, did not yet succeed. Consequently, we do not have any other choice but to wait until January 2012 before IEEE downloads to the file cabinet are again possible.

How to get to the articles you need? You can still access newer articles via IEEE Xplore. For any IEEE article older than 2 years or for conference papers, please request a print copy via NEBIS or contact our document delivery: @email. Of course, all AIP articles can still be obtained via the AIP platform with no additional cost to the library! And please remember for next year: Do not download AIP articles via IEEE Xplore – and our download quota for IEEE articles will remain until December.

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