Hello Swisscovery


The time has come. On Monday, 7 Dec 2020, 10:00, swisscovery, the new nationwide library system operated by the Swiss Library Service Platform (SLSP) goes online and replaces NEBIS. Lib4RI has joined the new SLSP network together with more than 470 other academic libraries from all over Switzerland.

Swisscovery includes more than 30 million media and 3 billion electronic articles. All Lib4RI print and electronic holdings previously in NEBIS are now accessible via swisscovery.

Access to Lib4RI’s electronic resources does not require any registration. You just need to be within the network of any of the four research institutes.

In order to borrow physical media you need to register with swisscovery. Personal accounts of current NEBIS users have not been migrated to swisscovery. Please note that swisscovery also offers a courier service for books ordered from other SLSP libraries. For members of the four research institutes Lib4RI will cover associated fees.

Current loans held with the old NEBIS system may be extended one last time by the end of December. Then, you need to return your media. To check current NEBIS loans, access to your NEBIS account is still possible for the time being. All loans from Lib4RI’s holdings can be transferred to your new swisscovery account upon registration.

You can find detailed information on the operation of swisscovery on our dedicated website. Please give us a little time to update all NEBIS related subsites and information material.

We hope you enjoy swisscovery and are happy to hear your feedback.