Goodbye RefWorks - DORA now fully operational

Niels Kistler, Lothar Nunnenmacher, Daniel Perez

We are pleased to inform you that DORA Eawag and DORA Empa have become productive. We finished the migration of the old RefWorks-based bibliographies of Eawag and Empa. Additionally, we also verified, extended and corrected a fair share of the metadata and transformed all available PDFs into the archival format PDF/A.

From now on new publications will be directly ingested into DORA. The old RefWorks databases will no longer be maintained.

What changes for users in general?

Our DORAs provide several useful features that contribute to showcasing the research output of our scientists:

  • extended search capabilities allowing complex searches (including full-text searches)
  • convenient browsing by adding/removing filters (faceting)
  • harvesting of the publication metadata by means of search engines, e.g. Google
  • several export formats for all search results (CSV, RSS, RIS, RTF, PDF)
  • archival PDF format PDF/A to ensure long term compatibility

What changes for Eawag and Empa staff in particular?

  • DORA enhances the visibility of your research and allows the compatibility with the Open Access requirements of research funders through the possibility of uploading different versions of your publications (often the “accepted version” as Open Access).
  • Regarding article submission, everything remains the same. Use this form or send us an e-mail to alert us about a new publication or to submit your accepted versions. Please note that in future the library will also harvest Scopus data in order to obtain newly published articles by Eawag and Empa staff.
  • The links to publication lists have changed, as has the integration of citations in personal webpages (Eawag only). You will find more information on this topic on the help pages in DORA Eawag and DORA Empa.

Should you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We hope that you enjoy using DORA and that it will be helpful for your everyday work.