Goodbye NEBIS, hello Swisscovery

Stephanie Hofmann & Bobby Neuhold

In early December, the NEBIS lending network will be dissolved and replaced by swisscovery, the new nationwide library system operated by the Swiss Library Service Platform (SLSP). Lib4RI has joined the new SLSP network together with more than 470 other academic libraries from all over Switzerland.

Swisscovery will include more than 30 million books, series, journals and non-book documents as well as more than 3 milliard electronic articles. Naturally, all Lib4RI print and electronic holdings previously in NEBIS will also be searchable and accessible via swisscovery.

New registration required

All users – including previous users – must re-register via a SWITCH edu-ID in order to access the new system. Existing NEBIS user data will not be migrated to swisscovery. We will inform you in due time.

Returns of active loans, stop of new loans and orders

As active NEBIS and LIB4RI loans won’t be migrated to swisscovery they need to be returned. A short period before and during the system change it won’t be possible to borrow any documents. New loan orders from other NEBIS libraries will be deactivated even earlier. Then, ordering documents from another NEBIS network library to your home library won’t be possible until the new swisscovery system is live.

We’ll keep you updated on more details, incl. the timetable for the system change, probably available with our next post around mid October. Should you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact Lib4RI’s InfoServices at @email.