Final spurt to the Swiss Library Service Platform

Jason Dey

In January 2020, the Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries will switch to the new Swiss Library Service Platform SLSP. SLSP will bring together online the scientific information stored in libraries across Switzerland and make it fully searchable and easily findable. Currently, the SLSP system is still under development. The finalisation timeline was presented at a symposium last November. From February 2020 onwards, Lib4RI will be involved in testing and configuring the Institutional Zone – a platform for libraries with similar needs, which will enable synergies and increase efficiencies. At its launch in January 2021, the new SLSP system will offer numerous services: a shared library management system, centralised data acquisition and document delivery, to name but a few.

Meanwhile, nothing will change for you as a library user. The NEBIS lending network will be continued until the end of next year. We will keep you informed on the transition from NEBIS to SLSP.