Publication Services Team

DORA, the institutional repository of Eawag, Empa and WSL, is live since more than a year now and we are happy to announce that DORA PSI will join the family in mid-2019! Last autumn, the PSI directorate decided that DORA shall serve as the platform for publications of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and shall replace the publication database of the Digital User Office (DUO), which has been used so far by most divisions at PSI.

DORA PSI will simultaneously act as:

  • BibliographyDORA PSI will record the scientific publications produced at the PSI and will be a source for publication lists on the PSI website and for academic reports.
  • ArchiveDORA PSI will preserve the full text of PSI publications and make them freely available to all PSI members.
  • Open Access RepositoryPSI researchers will be able to make a full-text version of their scientific articles freely available in DORA (green road to Open Access), thus facilitating compliance with the Open Access policies of many research funders.

The Lib4RI publication services team works closely with the DUO PSI team and the PSI IT department to ensure a smooth progression from the publication database in DUO to DORA PSI. For the further development of DORA – specifically DORA PSI but not only – Lib4RI has the pleasure to announce that Federico Cantini and Frank Hösli have joined the team.

Should you have any questions about DORA PSI do not hesitate to contact us at