Contingent for free Open Access in Springer journals used up for 2021 - back in 2022


Since January 2021, researchers at Eawag, Empa, PSI and WSL are able to publish Open Access articles free of charge in hybrid OA journals published by Springer. The agreement covers the article processing charges (APCs) for a fixed number of articles per year. This article quota is now exhausted for 2021. For all articles accepted until the end of 2021 fees for Open Access will no longer be covered by the Open Access agreement with Springer.

Scientists at the four research institutes are still able to make articles published in Springer journals Open Access without costs for the researchers. We recommend to make your article Open Access via the green way , i.e. archiving the accepted manuscript of the paper in DORA. The accepted manuscript can usually be made Open Access in DORA after an embargo period of 12 months.

The Open Access agreement with Springer has not ended! Articles accepted for publication after 1st January 2022 can again be published Open Access free of charge under the agreement. Similar Open Access agreements are in place for several other publisher. You can find an overview of these agreements and the associated conditions on our website.

Please contact the Publication Services Team if you have any questions about making your publications Open Access.