Complete Access to the SciFinder Discovery Platform


As of December 2022, Lib4RI provides a full subscription to the CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform, including SciFinder-nFormulus and Analytical Methods. An introductory webinar is planned for the end of January 2023. Details will be announced soon. Access to (legacy)Sci Finder classic will cease by 31 Dec 2022.

Particularly SciFinder-n is useful for research scientists involved in chemistry and biology. It allows to search the comprehensive content collection of the chemical abstract service (CAS), e.g. for journal articles, patents, compounds, reactions, etc., and also includes the Medline database. Benefits to the (legacy) SciFinder classic include Boolean searching as well as reference and substance role filtering. This makes it a valuable tool for a comprehensive topic search, provided your topic is chemically or biomedically related.

Formulus is a formulations database useful for the development of chemical products.

Analytical Methods can be used to locate, compare and understand analytical methods from journals and patents.

You need to register and create a personal SciFinder account to use this database. Please contact @email to obtain a login ID and password.

Existing legacy SciFinder classic Users can use their current SciFinder username and password to also log into SciFinder-nFormulus and Analytical Methods, and will continue to have access to legacy SciFinder classic until 31 Dec 2022 to ensure a smooth transition to the new SciFinder-n. Please note that you might need to manually transfer and rework some of your alerts and saved answer sets.