Check your manuscript

Lib4RI runs a plagiarism check of your manuscript for you using PlagScan. After receiving the file, we will deliver the results to you within a few days as a Word and a PDF file for your convenience.


  • The plagiarism check software PlagScan produces good results and its data security is higher than in comparable products. It looks for similarities between your manuscript and documents available online and in publisher sources. Currently, it includes about 10,800 journals in addition to thousands of OA journals.

    However, neither Lib4RI nor the service provider can guarantee the complete detection of all potential plagiarism and cannot be made liable for non-found text similarities.

    The PlagScan settings we use are:
    • The reference list is excluded during the similarity text.
    • Words and sentences in quotations are ignored.
    • A sentence is marked as potential plagiarism when at least five consequent words have been found similar in other sources.
  • On the first page of the PDF file all sources where possible similarities have been found are mentioned, whereas on the Word file these sources are added as comments throughout the text. In addition, on the PDF file the similarities are marked with colours:

    • Red text: the words of this text have been found in the exact same order in another document. PlagScan considers matches of five words in a row and more as similarities.
    • Blue text: the words of this text are detected as possible plagiarized text that has been slightly changed.

    The software only detects similarities between documents based on word sequences. Conclusively, the author has to evaluate the results and decide whether the text contains plagiarism. The best way to avoid plagiarism is to cite the sources used.

Submit your manuscript

You can submit your manuscript for check through this online form. Please upload your document as a PDF or Word file. The software should ignore the reference list for the check of similarities; nevertheless, as this has not always been the case we suggest you to remove the reference list from your manuscript before submission.

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We deliver the results to you within a few days. You can find an example of a report here. The report itself does not detect plagiarism. It only detects similarities between texts based on word sequences. You must evaluate the report and decide for yourself whether the text contains plagiarism. You can find instructions on how to interpret a report correctly here.

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