Changes in our Subscription to IEEE Xplore

Dr. Jochen Bihn, Laura Tobler & Dr. Lothar Nunnenmacher

The transfer of articles to the File Cabinet and subsequent download from the database IEEE Xplore Digital Library is no longer available. This applies to articles older than 2 years in IEEE journals, IEEE proceedings, and articles published in journals from several other publishers in IEEE Xplore. Users at Eawag, Empa, WSL and PSI still have unlimited access to current year and the last two years of IEEE journal articles via this database. Additionally, you can also access the full text of almost 10,000 articles already transferred to the File Cabinet. In search results, the green open lock indicates documents where the Lib4RI subscription enables full-text access.

As you might have noticed, our quota for document transfers into the IEEE File Cabinet has been used up for several months. While we continue our subscription to current year and the last two years of IEEE journal articles, we decided – after several rounds of negotiations with IEEE – to cancel our subscription to IEEE Xplore content via the File Cabinet. Our current licence model still includes 500 new credits for the transfer of documents to the File Cabinet at the beginning of each year. However, we will not buy more credits for the File Cabinet as long as each article purchase is done without any notification or approval by the library.

For articles not included in our license and not already transferred to the File Cabinet, we offer several alternatives to get them:

  • Articles published in AIP journals: Access them via the AIP website
  • Many IEEE journals are available as print editions in one of the NEBIS libraries. As a member of Eawag, Empa, PSI or WSL you can order article copies from these journals free of charge. The PDFs of ordered articles are delivered via e-mail within 1-2 days.
  • If you are not able to access an article or proceeding with any of the options above, our Document Delivery Team will be happy to obtain the document for you. This service of the library Lib4RI is free of charge for all member of Eawag, Empa, PSI and WSL.

All these options are conveniently linked via the Lib4RI link resolver button in the search results on IEEE Xplore. A click on the green «Lib4RI Services» button opens a menu with links to the NEBIS catalogue, the ordering form for a document delivery, and (if the article is published in an AIP journal) a link to the full-text article on the AIP website.

Please contact us at @email for any questions regarding our IEEE Xplore subscription.