Analyses for research units

Lib4RI offers a range of bibliometric analyses for researchers of the four research institutes within the ETH domain (Eawag, Empa, PSI and WSL). Below you find an overview of the analyses we currently provide for research units.

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Short report on publications output of a research unit

Contact us to provide you a short report showing your research unit's performance including metrics such as: total number of publications; publication types; Open Access (OA); citation count; dataset availability; funding agencies.

Learn to do the analysis yourself

Use DORA, the institutional repository and bibliography of the four research institutes, to extract information as mentioned in the short report above. The complete bibliography of the research institutes is recorded in DORA and the publications are linked to the individual research units (Eawag units, Empa units, PSI units, WSL units). Filters of specific terms (e.g. Open Access availability, funders) available in the repository allow for a more exact result. On our help page you can find information about searching and exporting such results from DORA. Alternatively, contact us to show you how to find these information easily and build a workflow for your regular use.

Research area analysis


In Web of Science journals and/or publications are categorized by research-area indicators, e.g. Web of Science defined areas, sustainable development goals (SDG), organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD). Using InCites we provide an insight of the most cited research-area indicators for the publications of your research unit.


Collaboration analysis

Using data from DORA we can analyse the cooperation between e.g. a specific research unit with the research units of the same institute or the other four research institutes.