2010 Annual Report of Lib4RI

Dr. Jochen Bihn & Dr. Lothar Nunnenmacher

We are pleased to present the first annual report of Lib4RI:

Lib4RI Jahresbericht 2010 (in German, PDF, 742kb)

The report summarizes the various initiatives and activities that have taken place in the library during the last year. It might come as a surprise that we present an annual report of Lib4RI for 2010 although the library did not exist under this name in 2010. However, many of our activities at the Eawag-Empa library, the WSL library and the PSI library in 2010 were related to the merger of the libraries and prerequisites for the successful start of Lib4RI on 1.1.2011. Putting the new external and internal organization of the library into action kept us busy in 2011, which led to the slightly belated publication of this report.

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