Unpaywall extension for your browser

Unpaywall.org provides a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that allows the reading of free Open Access versions of paywalled research papers.

  • After installation, when you see a green tab beside a paywalled research article on your web browser, just click it to read its free Open Access version. A gray tab would indicate that the full text cannot be found unpaywalled (i.e. not Open Access).
  • The green tab is particularly useful for scientific articles that have been self-archived by the authors via Green Open Access (e.g. postprints on institutional repositories such as DORA) in addition to a subscription based or paywalled publication.
  • Unpaywall.org gathers content from thousands of open-access repositories worldwide. It puts together data from sources such as PubMed Central, the DOAJ, Crossref, DataCite, Google Scholar and BASE, and in turn makes it open for reuse via the oaDOI API.
  • For more details refer to their FAQ.