Borrow Books

As a registered library user you can borrow books and other documents from the collection of Lib4RI and any other SLSP library (complete list of SLSP libraries ). Lib4RI's swisscovery catalogue gives you access to some 30 million books, serials, journals and other media of the SLSP network.


In order to borrow books and other media via swisscovery (and Lib4RI) you need to register with SLSP via a SWITCH edu-ID. Please refer to SLSP's help page / FAQ for user registration platform for details. During the registration process you have the option to enter the number of your existing library ID card (e.g. NEBIS, ZB, etc.). You can also ask for a new library card at our information desks.

Should you not yet have a personal Switch edu-ID you can conveniently create one via your institutional Switch AAI account. Members of Eawag, Empa, PSI and WSL should use their work and email address for registration with Switch edu-id. For more information regarding Switch AAI and Switch edu-id, please see here.

After successful registration with SLSP, you can use your SWITCH edu-ID account for all SLSP libraries (there are no separate accounts per library).

Borrowing from Lib4RI

Most books and other documents in the collection of Lib4RI are freely accessible and can be borrowed. If the book you are interested in is in the collection of your home library (Lib4RI Eawag-Empa, Lib4RI WSL or Lib4RI PSI), you only need to get the book from the shelf and check out at one of the self-service terminals. You will need your library card for this.

Borrowing from Other SLSP Libraries

If you have found a book in Lib4RI's swisscovery catalogue that is not in the collection of your home library but at another SLSP library, please follow these steps for ordering:

1. Sign in to your swisscovery account
2. At «Other loan and request options», select the library of your choice
3. Click on «Loan»
4a. For members of Eawag, Empa, PSI and WSL in Dübendorf, St Gallen, Villigen, Birmensdorf and Davos: select «Lib4RI» as the «Pickup Institution» and your corresponding Lib4RI home library as the «Pickup Location», see table below. Please note: Fees are not covered by Lib4RI for pickup locations other than a Lib4RI library.
4b. For members of Eawag, Empa, PSI and WSL at other locations: select the «owning library» as the «Pickup Institution» and «Mail Delivery/Work Address» as the «Pickup Location», see table below.
5. Click «Send Request»

For members of Eawag, Empa, PSI and WSL corresponding fees will be covered by Lib4RI.

A book ordered from another SLSP library will arrive at your home library in 3 to 5 working days. You will receive an e-mail notification upon the arrival of the book.

Pick-up Locations

Please contact the Lib4RI InfoServices if you can't select your recommended «Pickup Location».

Your Location

«Pickup Location»

Delivery / Return

Eawag (Dübendorf)

Lib4RI Eawag-Empa *)

Lib4RI (Dübendorf)

Eawag (Kastanienbaum)

Mail Delivery **)


Empa (Dübendorf)

Lib4RI Eawag-Empa *)

Lib4RI (Dübendorf)

Empa (St Gallen)

Lib4RI Eawag-Empa *)

Mailbox / Reception SG

Empa (Thun)

Mail Delivery **)


PSI (Villigen)

Lib4RI PSI *)

Lib4RI (Villigen)

SLF (Davos)

Lib4RI WSL *)

Mailbox / Blue Box DA

WSL (Cadenazzo)

Mail Delivery **)


WSL (Birmensdorf)

Lib4RI WSL *)

Lib4RI (Birmensdorf)

WSL (Lausanne)


EPFL Library

WSL (Sion)

Mail Delivery **)


 *) Select «Lib4RI» as the «Pickup Institution». Delivery is free of charge for members of Eawag (Dübendorf), Empa (Dübendorf & St Gallen), PSI (Villigen) and WSL (Birmensdorf & Davos).
**) Select the «owning library» as the «Pickup Institution» and «Mail Delivery/Work Address» as the «Pickup Location». Mail delivery is free of charge for members of Eawag (Kastanienbaum), Empa (Thun) and WSL (Cadenazzo, Sion). Please contact the library team if you receive an invoice for this service.

Internal Book Delivery Service

For all users at Empa-Eawag Dübendorf, PSI Villigen and WSL Birrmensdorf media requested via swisscovery are forwarded to your personal mailbox for your convenience.

Please understand that orders comprising multiple and/or bulky books would still need to be collected at your respective Lib4RI home library. You will be notified via e-mail accordingly. Media can be returned to Lib4RI via your institutional internal mail or directly at your home library. For users at PSI there is an additional drop-off point at the SIZ (east reception).

Many thanks to the internal institutional mail services for making this possible.

Loan Period

The loan period might vary depending on the type of document or the SLSP library. The standard loan period is 28 days. After the first 28 days, the loan period is renewed automatically two more times (28 days each). Afterwards, you can renew your documents manually another maximum three times via your swisscovery user account, via e-mail, or by telephone (+41 58 765 5700). A renewal (automatic or manual) can be granted only if no reservation has been made.


You are committed to return your loans in time. Otherwise you will receive an invoice for the reminder. The following fees apply:

Reminder: 1 day after expiry of the loan period


1st overdue notice: 7 days after expiry of the loan period


2nd overdue notice: 14 days after expiry of the loan period


3rd overdue notice: 21 days after expiry of the loan period

CHF 10

For more details please refer to Lib4RI's user and fee regulations.

TEL. 41 58 765 57 00 

Stephanie Hofmann

t +41 58 765 5032

Dr. Bobby Neuhold

t +41 58 765 5133