Our Lib4RI & friends team successfully completed the SOLA-Stafette

Dr. Rainer Rees-Mertins

For the first time, Lib4RI took part last Saturday at the SOLA-Stafette with a «Lib4RI & friends team» to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Lib4RI. This was already the 43rd edition of the SOLA-Stafette, the traditional team run in and around Zurich. The total lengths of the run was about 116 km, divided into 14 tracks. Our team consisted of 6 runners from Lib4RI and 8 runners from Eawag and WSL. All team members gave their best and we reached the 602nd place out of 1000 teams, an excellent rank for a team starting for the first time. For some team members it was actually their first running event ever! The team brought the day to a close by a nice dinner where we shared our experiences from the tracks. Congratulations to the whole team and a special thanks for our team members from Eawag and WSL for supporting Lib4RI!

The Lib4RI & friends team at the SOLA Stafette (in order of the tracks ran): Marianne Leuzinger, Jochen Bihn, Mario Angst, Nele Schuwirth, Eduardo Oliveira, Hubi Keller, Bobby Neuhold, Sara Marks, Matthias Brennwald, Mandy Hoyer, Raoul Schaffner, Stephanie Hofmann, Rainer Rees-Mertins and Lothar Nunnenmacher.

Please contact us should you have any questions or comments concerning our anniversary or other library related topics.