New Lib4RI Videos


2020 has presented new challenges to us, as it has to many. We were faced with the challenge of continuing to provide our services to you and ensuring you have access to all the resources you need while working remotely. Not only have we succeeded in maintaining almost all our services this year, but we have also adopted new digital tools and developed innovative ideas. We believe that the digital transformation of our library processes and services – a development that has already been steadily progressing over the past decade and has now accelerated – is here to stay.

Our newest service is our Lib4RI Video Channel hosted on Vimeo. You can now watch our tutorials and webinars directly on our website or on Vimeo itself. Tutorials will be added and webinars will be updated continuously. Our newest tutorial shows you how to create author lists in DORA and our most recent webinars give you insights into scientific writing, scholarly publishing, Open Access and copyright law. All videos are freely available for you to watch and rewatch at your convenience. We hope you enjoy and learn from them!