DOI Issuing

Documents published by the four research institutes can receive a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) by Lib4RI. A DOI is an internationally recognized identifier for online research objects. It is a unique and permanent online link, thus making it easier to find and attribute research output long-term. This service is free of charge for any researcher or technical staff member of the four research institutes within the ETH domain.


The following conditions must apply to have a DOI issued on your behalf:

  • The publisher of your publication is Eawag, Empa, WSL or PSI.
  • Your publication will be published in DORA under a CC license. CC BY is strongly recommended.
  • The person asking for a DOI registration has the copyright of this publication.
  • The title page of your publication contains this information:
    • Publication Title and Year
    • Authors or Editors
    • Publisher
    • CC license (See here about CC license attribution best practices)
    • DOI, which you add after you have received from us
  • Your publication fulfils the DORA Content Policy.
  • The document has not yet been issued a DOI by another publisher.

Please note that publications receiving a DOI in DORA cannot be retracted. Furthermore, we strongly recommend that you add DOI links to the citations of your references. See here for reference linking best practises.

Steps to Receive a DOI

  • You can apply for a DOI by filling in this online form specifying information about you and your document (open/edit with Adobe Reader/Acrobat).
  • We will then register your content to DORA, reserve a DOI for you, and send you the DOI link.
  • Please add the DOI and the CC license to the title page of your final full text PDF and send this to us. We will then update the entry in DORA and activate the DOI for you.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at

Technical Background And DOI Appearance in DORA

To allocate DOIs to documents, the four research institutes became members of Crossref with Lib4RI as their main correspondent. For more information about DOIs and their advantages, please see here.

You can find the DOI of your publication just below the DORA permanent link on the DORA publication site. For example:

When you click on the DOI itself, you will stay on the same page, as this is the landing page of the publisher. In this case, DORA WSL is acting as the publisher’s site on behalf of WSL.

DOIs registered by us are immediately indexed in the Crossref database, and add to statistics about the different institutes, e.g. see the WSL Crossref page.

Other Possibilities to Receive a DOI

  • For publications that do not fulfil our conditions, you can apply for a DOI in Zenodo. It is free to use and you can login with GitHub, ORCID or create a Zenodo account to enter your metadata and receive a DOI.
  • For your research data you can issue a DOI through the data institutional repositories: ERIKOpen, Envidat.

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