Searchbox Update: Primo Central Index

Dr. Rainer Rees, Dr. Lothar Nunnemacher

We have currently updated the searchbox on our website by integrating a new search option: The Primo Central Index. The Primo Central Index is an index of scholarly e-resources with hundreds of millions of entries according to Ex Libris, the company offering it. The variety of document types in the Primo Central Index is rather high, ranging from peer-reviewed articles to newspaper articles and from images to research data. Besides academic and non-academic publishers, Primo Central Index also harvests resources from open-access repositories and thus promotes open access.

What can it be used for and how can you use it?

The main advantage of the Primo Central Index is actually the variety of sources and resources types included. If you are looking for peer-reviewed scientific articles you are better off with Scopus or Web of Science, but if you want to know if there are book chapters, legal articles, patents or maps related to your search topic, then you should definitely go for Primo Central Index.

You can conveniently search the Primo Central Index by conducting an «Articles» search in the search slot on the Lib4RI homepage and by choosing “Primo Central Index” in the search box afterwards (third entry from top, see picture). Recently, another new tab was integrated in NEBIS called «Everything» where you can search both «Books, Journals, Images» (NEBIS catalogue) and the Primo Central Index at the same time.

We highly appreciate your feedback on our search box and the integration of the Primo Central Index via @email.