Search plugins

With the Lib4RI-Search-Plugins you can search for articles, books, or magazines in the databases of Lib4RI directly from the search box in your browser. The plugins work with newer versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer.

To install these plugins simply click on the links below and follow the instructions. There are four different plugins with different search topics:

If you have several of the plugins installed, click the drop down arrow next to the search bar and select a search plugin. The browser will remember your choice and use the selected search engine from now on as default (until you change it again).

Technical notes

  • The plugins work with Firefox version 1.5 or newer and Internet Explorer version 7 or newer.
  • With «Manage Search Engines…» (in the drop down menu next to the search bar) you can change the list position of search engines, get more search engines or remove a search engine.
  • The search plugins are implemented using OpenSearch xml specifications. The search plugins are safe. There are no privacy concerns, no unwanted behaviors, and the plugins are easily deleted.
  • The Mycroft Project provides a collection of many OpenSearch plugins for your web browser.