New Swiss National Licence: Springer Journals

Rainer Rees-Mertins

The Springer Journals Archives were recently added to the three already existing Swiss National Licences. However, comprising about 3.6 million journal articles from more than 1,500 scientific journals, the Springer Journals Archives outnumber the other three national licences combined. The total number of articles available via the Swiss National Licences amounts for more than 5.5 million now.

The Springer national licence encompasses the years 1823-2011. The moving wall embargo is five years, meaning that articles published in 2011 will be added to the national licence content in 2017. The recent volumes of the most significant Springer journals were already available for Lib4RI users before the acquisition of the national licences, but Lib4RI users can now access a much larger journal portfolio from Springer and the corresponding archives.

Access for private users is not available yet for the Springer national licence, it is probably going to take until late spring until private access can be realised. Updates on this issue, information on the subject areas and a preliminary list of journals included in the national licence can be found on the website:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions on the national licence products or open access.