FAQ - Link Resolver

Some questions may arise regarding our link resolver service providing the quickest way to the full text:

Why are there sometimes several full-text choices?

Sometimes there is an overlap in journal titles among different e-journal packages licensed by Lib4RI. The link resolver menu for an article shows all available sources for the particular journal volume you are looking for. You can get the full text from each of these sources.
The link resolver menu for a journal (see our Lib4RI journal list displays links to all sources for this journal. However, the available volumes may differ among these full text suppliers. Information about the available volumes for each source can be found below each entry in the menu («Available from …»).

Why is only the first author saved when I use "Save citation"?

Some databases, such as «Web of Science», only send the name of the first author to the link resolver even if there are multiple authors. Therefore, always check the imported citation in your reference management application. If available, you might consider the direct export option of the database.

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