FAQ - General

Who is Lib4RI and what are our services?

Lib4RI is the joint library of the 4 research institutes within the ETH domain: Eawag, Empa, PSI and WSL. Lib4RI provides online access to more than 26,000 e-journals, some 500,000 e-books and holds a total of over 100,000 print books for loan. Please see Info #I1 for a summary of all our services. Lib4RI is not to be confused with the independent libraries of ETH Zurich or EPF Lausanne albeit many of their print titles are shared via swisscovery, the catalogue of the Swiss Library Service Platform (SLSP).

Electronic resources such as databases, e-journals and e-books in the subscription of Lib4RI are accessible to all affiliates of Eawag, Empa, PSI and WSL within the IP-range of their institute. Should you have access issues please refer to the corresponding FAQ or contact eresources@lib4ri.ch.

To allow for book and other loans from Lib4RI a registration with swisscovery is required.

Lib4RI also provides several publication services and hosts the institutional repository DORA managing the scientific output of Eawag, Empa, WSL and PSI.

Additionally, Lib4RI offers regular trainings on topics such as basic & advanced searching, scientific publishing, Open Access, copyright, LaTeX, Endnote or research data management.

Please see Info #I1 for a summary of all our services.

What is swisscovery?

Swisscovery the nationwide library system operated by the Swiss Library Service Platform (SLSP). Lib4RI has joined the SLSP network together with more than 490 other academic libraries from all over Switzerland. The swisscovery catalogue contains more than 30 million titles including books, serials, journals and non-book materials. Most documents can be ordered online. Note that electronic resources such as e-journals, e-books and databases are generally not shared between swisscovery libraries and their organisations.

You need to register with swisscovery to be able to borrow books and other media. For frequently asked questions related to the registration with swisscovery please refer to the dedicated swisscovery FAQ.

Who can I contact if I have a question?

For all general inquiries please contact our service desk at info@lib4ri.ch or 058-765 5700. Contact details, functions and photographs of all Lib4RI team members can be found here. We are also happy to assist you in person at our library locations (please check our opening hours ).

How do I register for a Lib4RI / swisscovery library account?

Please follow the instructions given here.

What services can I use with my Lib4RI / swisscovery library account?

With your Lib4RI / swisscovery library account you can

You can find more details on services offered by Lib4RI at www.lib4ri.ch > Services and in the information leaflets given there.

I am leaving my institute. What do I have to do regarding my library account?

Please visit your home library during our opening hours to cancel your Lib4RI / swisscovery account or have your details updated for continuation. If it is inconvenient to visit your home library in person, please contact us via e-mail or phone (058-765 5700).

TEL. +41 58 765 5700  info@lib4ri.ch 

Stephanie Hofmann

t +41 58 765 5032

Dr. Bobby Neuhold

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