FAQ - Document Delivery

Why do I sometimes receive a print copy rather than a PDF?

Each country, library and publisher has its individual copyright rules and regulations that need to be obeyed. You will receive a print copy if the licence stipulates that we are not allowed to transmit an electronic version of the paper.

Why do I sometimes receive a document of a little less quality?

We always try to obtain an electronic document as quick as possible. However, if the provider does not have the right to send a PDF copy, we will receive a fax copy. In such cases, the resolution is not as good as with PDF scans. Should you require good quality copies, please specify this in your request. We’ll then specifically ask for a print copy. Please note that shipment will take longer.

Why am I asked to file my document request again later?

Typically, an article is available online one month prior to its print release. Due to usage restrictions and lower rates we might ask you to wait until the document is published in print. Please understand, like most other libraries we are unable to keep your request on hold.

Why do I not receive access to an e-book requested?

E-books belong to the publisher. They are copyright protected and may only be shared within the licensed institution(s). Should the requested title not be part of our licence agreement you won’t be able to access the e-book. Unfortunately, other libraries aren’t allowed to give us access to their licensed e-books either. In many cases a print edition is directly available to you via swisscovery or can be ordered by us via interlibrary loan. If you consider an e-book title worthwhile to be licensed for your research institute please contact eresources@lib4ri.ch.

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