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Britannica Image Quest OPEN DATABASE 

Britannica Image Quest is an online image library with more than 2.5 million high resolution images from the world’s best image providers, including National Geographic Society, Getty Images and Press Association Images. All images are rights-cleared for non-commercial, educational use. The images can also be used on websites if the watermark is not removed and the copyright notice as provided on IQ is given.
The portal is an add-on to the popular Encyclopaedia Britannica Online. Learn more about this new resource in the guided tour or watch the video introduction on YouTube.

e-pics - the image information system of ETH Zürich OPEN DATABASE 

E-pics are offering you the picture archive of the ETH-Library. The catalog is open to the general public. As a guest you can search for, select and order free pictures in the public e-Pics databases.

For Eawag affiliates: Eawag has a specific catalogue within the image information system of ETH Zürich. This catalogue includes images from research, teaching and Eawag history. Eawag staff can search for, select and download images in good quality. Information on access and legal policy can be found on the Eawag intranet.


ETH-Bibliothek’s platform ETHorama allows to browse through historical and contemporary articles, images, rare books and maps related to Switzerland. Its digitised content is continuously growing from ETH-Bibliothek’s holdings. Conditions of use and information on copyright can be found in ETHorama's impressum.


MorgueFile is a website database for free high resolution digital stock photography for either corporate or public use.


Freeimages offers more than 350,000 pictures from various categories. You can browse and freely use the photos after registration.

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