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DBIS (Datenbank-Infosystem) provides information on more than 9000 scientific databases, 3300 of which are freely accessible. Databases can be searched by keyword, research area, geographic area and type of database. This service is only available in German.


BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine) OPEN DATABASE 

BASE is a multi-disciplinary search engine for academic citations, mostly with linked open-access full-text. It covers more than 310 million documents from more than 10,700 contributing sources. BASE searches open-archive collections worldwide and, additionally, indexes selected web sites and local data collections, all of which can be searched via a single search interface.


BIOSIS Previews is a bibliographic database for literature searching in biological and biomedical sciences. It indexes about 5,500 life sciences journals, of which about 2,300 are indexed cover to cover. Additionally, 1,500 conference proceedings, review articles, books and U.S. Patents are included. BIOSIS covers medical topics, but tends to focus more on basic research, and its coverage of clinical medicine is not as in depth as in PubMed. BIOSIS is a good resource for finding document types that are not indexed in PubMed, including abstracts of papers presented at meetings, United States patents, books and book chapters. The thorough indexing of major concepts, organisms, taxonomic groups, diseases, genes and geographic locations makes it easy to narrow your search.

Note that BIOSIS can be searched from within Web of Science.

Britannica Image Quest OPEN DATABASE 

Britannica Image Quest is an online image library with more than 2.5 million high resolution images from the world’s best image providers, including National Geographic Society, Getty Images and Press Association Images. All images are rights-cleared for non-commercial, educational use. The images can also be used on websites if the Thistle watermark is not removed and the copyright notice as provided on IQ is given.
The portal is an add-on to the popular Encyclopaedia Britannica Online. Learn more about this new resource in the guided tour.

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