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Electronic Resources: Changes in 2023
Tue 24.01.23

We are delighted to announce the new library subscriptions and Read & Publish agreements for the year 2023. Our core subscriptions have been maintained, while our commitment to providing our users with any additional scientific literature resources they may need remains a priority. Are you missing access to a specific electronic ...

Webinar: CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform
Tue 10.01.23

Lib4RI recently subscribed to the full CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform including the modules SciFinder-n (the successor of SciFinder Classic...

Swiss Academic Libraries Consortium reaches Open Access (OA) agreement with the American Chemical Society (ACS)
Fri 06.01.23

We are pleased to announce that the Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries has successfully concluded negotiations with ACS and entered into a three-year Read & Publish agreement. Under its terms, correspondin…

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