Lib4RI Autumn Training: Searching & Managing Scientific Information

Lib4RI, 06. September 2022

After 3 years of webinars with somewhat reduced content we are very happy to get back to Lib4RI’s full on-site training series «Searching & Managing Scientific Information» for PhD students and other interested members of the 4 federal research institutes Eawag, Empa, PSI & WSL.
From October to December 2022, we offer seven individually bookable modules, this time also including the new module 7 on research data management.

In module 1, «Searching Scientific Information», you become skilled in finding relevant scientific information using suitable tools offered by Lib4RI.

In module 2, «Scientific Publishing – From Writing to Sharing», you will be guided through the scientific publication process from start to finish.

In module 3, «Open Access & Copyright», you gain knowledge on the principles of Open Access (OA) publishing and learn how to deal with copyright questions related to scientific works.

In module 4, «Literature Management with Endnote», you get introduced to scientific literature management using Endnote (MS Word).

In module 5, «Getting Started with LaTeX», you are guided in creating your first LaTeX document, with special attention to scientific writing oriented features. The course is for LaTeX beginners.

In module 6, «Work on Your Own Project», you work on your own literature project receiving individual assistance.

In the new module 7, «Research Data Management – The Basics», you learn to identify the relevant strategies and tools to implement research data management in your research practices.

A detailed course description is available here including a flyer for download. Course notes will be available online a couple of days prior to the sessions.

All sessions are open to all members of the 4 research institutes, PhD students and other new researchers are particularly invited. Most modules are offered on-site at Eawag-Empa Dübendorf, PSI Villigen and WSL Birmensdorf. On request, students attending four or more modules will receive a recommendation for 1 ECTS credit point. More details incl. dates, venues and online registration can be found on Lib4RI’s training website.


Stephanie Hofmann

t +41 58 765 5032

Dr. Bobby Neuhold

t +41 58 765 5133

Nina Helg-Kurmann

t +41 58 765 5958

Dr. Lothar Nunnenmacher

t +41 58 765 5221