Electronic Resources: Changes in 2021

Lib4RI, 20. January 2021

We’ve added hundreds of new journals and thousands of new e-books to our portfolio. At the same time, we’ve cancelled just a handful of products – mainly due to low usage. Here are the most important changes in 2021:

Read and Publish Deals

An agreement with Springer Nature on access to all journals from Springer, Palgrave, Adis, and Nature Academic was reached in May 2020, adding to the agreement with Elsevier the year before. An agreement with Wiley is still being negotiated. For more information and news on these big deal negotiations see our dedicated web page. All big deals include the possibility for Swiss authors to publish OA without additional fees, provided they are corresponding authors and if the relevant journal is not excluded by the publisher – which is the case with Cell Press journals at Elsevier and Nature-branded journals at Springer Nature.

New read and publish agreements have now also been negotiated with smaller publishers: researchers at Eawag, Empa, PSI and WSL can publish OA in all (or most) journals published by the Royal Society, Sage and Taylor & Francis at no additional cost. OA fees are covered by the new agreements. For more details on the conditions, eligible journals, quotas, discounts, author actions, and background information, please visit our Open Access Discounts page.


Added products

American Chemical Society (ACS): Accounts of Materials Research, Agricultural Science & Technology, ES&T Engineering, ACS ES&T Water & Food Science & Technology
JSTOR Sustainability Collection: 100 journals and more than 5’500 open research reports from more than 30 policy institutes.
Nature: Nature Electronics, Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, Nature Reviews Physics.
Oxford University Press (OUP): 14 titles.
Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC): Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers, Molecular Systems Design & Engineering, Organic Chemistry Frontiers & Reaction Chemistry & Engineering
User requests: Global Water Intelligence Magazine, Lärmbekämpfung, Rubber Chemistry and Technology, Soft Robotics and Water Desalination Report.

Cancelled products

Brill: (14 titles from the Biology Collection are still available)
Cambridge University Press (CUP): (5 most used titles from the Sci/Tech Collection are still available)
Geological Society of London: Lyell Collection


Added products

Elsevier All e-book titles for all years, all subject areas and all content types (Major Reference Works, Serial and Handbook volumes, Textbooks).
American Institute of Physics (AIP): 2021 e-books (40 titles)
CABI: All e-books from 2014 to date.
Proquest: Academic Complete: thousands of multidisciplinary e-books.
SAGE: More than 5’000 titles.
Springer Nature: Intelligent Technologies & Robotics (2021-) package and archives (1888-2004) for Biomedical and Life Sciences.
Taylor & Francis: 16 subject categories with option to purchase any title on demand.
2021 updates and renewals: ACS, CUP, Ebsco, IOP, IWA, O’Reilly, RSC, JSTOR, McGraw-Hill, OECD, Springer Nature, Wiley, World Scientific.

Cancelled products

Geological Society of London: Lyell Collection
Springer: some low-demand Springer ebook packages due to heavy price increases.
Oxford University Press (OUP): subscription cancelled (perpetual access to most used books of the last four years continues).


Added products

China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI): CYFD China Yearbooks, CSYD China Statistical Yearbooks, CDI China Data Insights, CJFD China Academic Journals, CDMD China Doctoral Dissertations & Masters’ Theses. (Please contact eresources@lib4ri.ch for access details)

Epexspot: Market Data (Please contact eresources@lib4ri.ch for access details)

Springer Nature: Nature Masterclasses. (Please visit our Scientific Publishing page for more details about enrolling in the Scientific Writing and Publishing course)

Cancelled products

Energate: Energate messenger Schweiz
Deutscher Fachverlag: Textilhilfsmittelkatalog

Access & Contact

All e-journals and all e-books are accessible via swisscovery and all databases can be found on our webpage. We always welcome suggestions for purchase of library materials. Please contact us if you have any questions about these changes, access issues or acquisition requests.


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