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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Thu 18.12.14

The Lib4RI team wishes everyone a wonderful Christmas, relaxing holidays, and a good start into the new year! From Wednesday, 24 December 2014, up to and including Sunday, 4 January 2015, there won’t be any service at the library. Members of the research institutes can still access the book collections at Birmensdorf, Dübendorf ...

Reduction in our subscription to Science
Fri 12.12.14

From Saturday 12/13/2014 on, Lib4RI users will not have access to Science Express anymore. Science itself is still fully accessible, but we cancelled the online first service Science Express, where Science articles are released before print. Science is the only journal we know of, where these articles are …

Fulltext access to new Springer Materials platform now available
Fri 05.12.14

It has been more than a month since Springer announced the release of their new SpringerMaterials platform (refer to our news). Today, they finally provided us with fulltext access to its content. The new platform offers a range of -new features such as interactive tables, 3D views on crystal structures and a t…

Changes in the subscription to IEEE journals and proceedings
Thu 04.12.14

In 2015, Lib4RI will have a full subscription to the five most frequently used IEEE journals. These are: IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics...

Access to all APS e-journals in 2015
Fri 28.11.14

In 2015 Lib4RI will be able again to provide full access to all e-journals of the American Physical Society for all affiliates of the four research institutes within the ETH domain. This is an important improvement regarding the last year. As reported in detail on the 6th of March, we had to cancel most of our APS s…

Web of Science - No Results to Your Search Queries?
Thu 27.11.14

Depending on the type and settings of your antivirus software, you might have encountered problems with Web of Science recently. Particularly in conjunction with Avira Professional Security, an antivirus software commonly installed on Eawag computers, Web of Science may not show any results at all to your search queries. It seems, ...

Problems to Access SpringerMaterials?
Wed 26.11.14

Yes, we subscribe to SpringerMaterials and you can access the database and all of the full texts at More than a month ago, Springer announced the launch of a new platform for this database at However, since then, it is only possible to search and browse for ar… ... provides improved access to maps from all regions of the world
Tue 28.10.14

Maps from all regions of the world held by Swiss libraries and archives can be accessed via This portal released yesterday has been developed in order to simplify access to both current maps and those which could not be previously accessed due to copyright restrictions. Until now such maps had to be retrieved ...

Lib4RI Training Series: Searching & Managing Scientific Information
Fri 12.09.14

Again it is time for our biannual introductory course for PhD students and other affiliates of the 4 federal research institutes. Due to frequent demand, this autumn the course is split into three separate and individually bookable modules. During Oct/Nov 2014 sessions will be offered, if possible, at most major research sites. In ...

SciFinder Workshop on Fri, 7 Nov 2014 at Eawag-Empa (Dübendorf)
Thu 11.09.14

The library Lib4RI invites interested researchers from Eawag, Empa, PSI and WSL to join this free SciFinder workshop held by Philippe Kamalaprija, a representative for CAS (ACS International). Philippe is an experienced trainer and will include many important aspects of SciFinder. He is particularly happy to discuss individual ...

Independent Scholarly Publishers Group: Trial
Mon 01.09.14

The Independent Scholarly Publishers Group is a new and expanding coalition of publishers of high-impact journals and related academic content. Among others, the group includes the American Society for Cell Biology, the American Society of Plant Biologists, the Company of Biologists, Duke University Press, the Genetics Society ...

Lib4RI Open Access Information Events at PSI and WSL
Thu 19.06.14

Open Access (OA) means unrestricted, online access to scholarly research papers for reading and productive re-use, not impeded by any financial, legal or technical barriers. The transition from “Closed Access” to “Open Access” has increasingly gained momentum in the last years. A recent study concludes that ...

ACS Campus Event at ETH Zürich (Hönggerberg) on July 9-10, 2014
Wed 18.06.14

The American Chemical Society (ACS) and Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) are organising the ACS Campus on July 9-10, 2014 at ETH Zürich. During two half-day sessions, topics covered include scholarly publishing, copyright and ethics in scholarly communication, an introduction to ChemWorx and multiple SciFinder training cou… ...

Lib4RI-Update #08
Mon 07.04.14

Our Newsletter «Lib4RI-Update #08» is now available! Get a print copy at the library or read the online version below. English Version: • Open Access at the Tipping Point • New Resources 2014 – Databases, E-Books, E-Journals Deutsche Version: • “Open Access vor …

Significant reduction in APS subscriptions for 2014
Thu 06.03.14

Lib4RI will no longer provide full access to all journals of the American Physical Society. As of now Lib4RI only offers access to the most frequently used e-journals Physical Review B and Physical Review Letters. Additionally, this access is restricted to users of PSI. The decision on this significant reduction was jointly ...

Trial Access to World Scientific E-journals
Wed 05.03.14

For a two month trial period starting on May 1st, you can access the complete e-journal collection of World Scientific. World Scientific provides more than 120 e-journals from a variety of disciplines, e.g. Biology, Chemistry, Engineering/Acoustics, Materials Science, Nanotechnology & Nanoscienc…

Lib4RI Training Series: Searching and Managing Scientific Information
Tue 04.03.14

We are happy to announce our introductory course for PhD students and other affiliates of the 4 federal research institutes. In May 2014, we offer two full-day training sessions at each of our main locations in Dübendorf, Villigen and Birmensdorf. You can find a detailed course description incl. online registration here. Aims: ...

The Electrochemical Society goes Open Access
Fri 14.02.14

The Electrochemical Society (ECS) announces plans to migrate its 4 peer-reviewed journals to Open Access. As a first step toward this long-term goal, ECS gives authors the choice of making their articles Open Access under a Creative Commons licence. Usually, the Article Processing Charge is USD $800 per accepted article. However, ...

New in 2014: E-Journals
Thu 13.02.14

Lib4RI has licensed or purchased some new e-journals. As part of this, we have strongly expanded the access to physics journals: • AIP Proceedings have been added to the journals of the American Institute of Physics (AIP). • Three Journals of the American Vacuum Society (AVS) have been newly licensed: “Journal of ...

New in 2014: E-Books
Thu 13.02.14

Since 2013 our stock in e-books has been increased by many new books: • The complete e-book collection from the American Society for Microbiology published between 1993-2012. • More than 250 Edward Elgar e-books in «Environmental Economics», «Environmental Law», «Environmental Management» and «Environmen…

New in 2014: Databases and Reference Works
Wed 12.02.14

We have licensed several new databases and reference works: • Two platforms of McGraw-Hill: AccessEngineering delivers interactively multidisciplinary information and full text of 330 e-books, including the latest editions of Marks’ Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, Perry’s Chemical Engineers Handbook, Standard ...

Empa and NIMS join forces to publish open-access journal
Tue 28.01.14

On 27 January 2014, Empa , the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, and the Japanese National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) signed a 5-year collaborative agreement on co-publishing the open access journal Science and Technology of Advanced Materials. Both Empa and NIMS are the leading materials ...

Nucleonica now includes Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart Online (KNCO)
Wed 08.01.14

Nucleonica allows user-friendly access to the latest reference data from internationally evaluated nuclear data. A unique feature is the wide range of web-based nuclear science applications. Also provided is a variety of social networking tools for scientific collaboration. As of 2014, the Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart Online (KNCO) ...

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