Springer introduces full book download

Dr. Jochen Bihn & Dr. Lothar Nunnenmacher, 11. September 2013

In response to popular demand, Springer now allows users to download all chapters of an e-book in one go. With the new functionality, you can either download all chapters of Springer e-books at once or continue to select individual chapters on SpringerLink. The chapter level and full book PDF is available without restrictions (no DRM). This new functionality is most welcomed and makes using these e-books more comfortable.

Most other publishers of academic e-books do not provide PDFs of entire books for download. In our collection of licensed e-books only CABI, IWA Publishing, OECD, and Springer offer all chapters of an e-book in a single PDF.

You can find an overview of all our licensed e-book packages on our website under Resources > Books > E-Books. The NEBIS catalogue also holds information about our licensed e-books. The tab «Online Resource» of a book record in NEBIS tells you if an electronic version of the book is available and – usually – provides a link to the electronic version of the book.


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