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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Wed 18.12.13

The Lib4RI team wishes everyone a wonderful Christmas, relaxing holidays, and a good start into the new year! From Saturday, 21 December 2013 up to and including Sunday, 5 January 2014 there won’t be any service at the library. Members of the research institutes can still access the book collections at Birmensdorf, Dübendorf ...

Now available online: Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater
Tue 17.12.13

We are pleased to offer you access to Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater. Since 1905, this comprehensive, peer-reviewed reference work provides valuable analytical techniques for the determination of water quality. Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater is appreciated by …

SCOAP3 Open Access publishing initiative will start on 1 January 2014
Thu 05.12.13

CERN has today confirmed that the SCOAP3 Open Access publishing initiative will start on 1 January 2014. With the support of partners in 24 countries, a vast fraction of scientific articles in the field of High-Energy Physics will become Open Access at no cost for an…

New launch of Kartenportal.CH
Wed 27.11.13

Since beginning of November, the specialist portal for maps from libraries and archives in Switzerland Kartenportal.CH comes in a new look. Kartenportal.CH pools the information necessary for map searches in one place. -The most attractive feature is the geographic search interface. This geographic search option ‘Geosuche’ ...

Trial access to Morgan & Claypool synthesis and colloquium lectures
Tue 22.10.13

Are you familiar with the synthesis and colloquium lectures of Morgan & Claypool? Organized by series, they offer valuable entry points into various topics from bio science, computer science and informatics, engineering, mathematics and statistics, and more…. We obtained trial access until the end of 2014. Make the most ...

New organic chemistry databases on trial: e-EROS & RxnFinder
Mon 21.10.13

Effective immediately and available until the end of 2013, we are pleased to offer trial access to the Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis and to RxnFinder. The high quality reviewed content of e-EROS (over 4,500 reagents and c…

Lib4RI Training Series: Searching & Managing Scientific Information
Fri 27.09.13

We are happy to announce our introductory course for PhD students and other affiliates of the 4 federal research institutes. In November, we offer two 3 hour training sessions at each of our main locations in Dübendorf, Villigen and Birmensdorf. You can find a detailed course description incl. online registration here. Aims: ...

Publications in OA journals: the SNSF enables financing via project budget
Mon 23.09.13

Research funded by the public should be publicly accessible as far as possible. The Swiss National Science Foundation‎ (SNSF) increases its efforts to reach this goal and now financially supports the gold path to Open Access, i.e. publishing in pure Open Access (OA) journals. While most OA journals do not charge any costs to ...

Springer introduces full book download
Wed 11.09.13

In response to popular demand, Springer now allows users to download all chapters of an e-book in one go. With the new functionality, you can either download all chapters of Springer e-books at once or continue to select individual chapters on SpringerLink. The chapter level and full book PDF is available without restrictions (no ...

Changes in our Subscription to IEEE Xplore
Wed 04.09.13

The transfer of articles to the File Cabinet and subsequent download from the database IEEE Xplore Digital Library is no longer available. This applies to articles older than 2 years in IEEE journals, IEEE proceedings, and articles published in journals from several other publishers in IEEE Xplore….

New Digital Resources: ASM Handbooks & Britannica Image Quest
Mon 02.09.13

We are pleased to offer you online access to 2 new digital resources: ASM Handbooks Following our customers’ requests we were able to obtain a yearlong trial for ASM Handbooks. The ASM Handbooks, consisting of twenty-eight volumes, offer a profound, versatile insight into mat…

Links to publication lists are back online [Update 02.09.13]
Mon 22.07.13

Refworks has solved recent access problems to departmental and author publication lists. All customized links are working again. They can be found on our website ( > Institutional Bibliography). We use the RefWorks/RefShare system to manage the institutional bibliographies of Eawag and Empa and provide links to ...

Trial Access to Euclid Prime and DMJ
Mon 13.05.13

Until mid-July we offer trial access to the Euclid Prime e-journals collection as well as to one of the world’s leading mathematical journal, the Duke Mathematical Journal. Hereby you gain access to “38 journals in the field of …

Library Press Display on Trial – a Newspaper Database
Fri 03.05.13

With Library Press Display we offer you a 2-month trial access to more than 2,260 international, national and regional newspapers and magazines from all over the world. Monitor current incidents from your interest fields to stay up-to-date by setting up RSS feeds. The article archive covers the last 90 days. Also check out the ...

Trial Access to E-Books from World Scientific & McGraw-Hill
Thu 02.05.13

Starting on the 1st of May you can access the following e-book collections on a trial basis for two months. Check them out and send your feedback to World Scientific World Scientific offers access to more than 5,230 e-books from a variety of disciplines, e.g. Biology, Chemistry, Engineering/Acou… ...

Lib4RI-Update #07
Tue 02.04.13

Our Newsletter «Lib4RI-Update #07» is out! Get a print copy at the library or read the online version below. English Version: • The Lib4RI Standards Portal • New Resources 2013 • Berlin Declaration signed Deutsche Version: • Das Lib4RI-Normenportal...

Lib4RI Training Series: Searching & Managing Scientific Information
Wed 27.03.13

As part of our commitment towards researchers at Eawag, Empa, PSI & WSL, we are happy to announce this introductory course for PhD students and other affiliates of the 4 research institutes. At the end of April and the beginning of May, we will offer two 3 hour training sessions at each of our main locations in Dübendorf, ...

NEBIS Service Interruptions from 27 March, 9pm – 3 April 2013, 7am
Tue 26.03.13

The library system IDS UZH (Information Network of the University of Zurich) will be integrated into the NEBIS library system. For this reason, the following NEBIS services won’t be available from 27 March, 9pm – 3 April 2013, 7am: • Orders in the library catalogue • Document loans • Document returns (no overdue ...

Open Access vouchers available for RSC journals
Thu 14.03.13

The RSC’s (Royal Society of Chemistry) Gold for Gold initiative enables researchers to publish Open Access articles in any RSC journal without paying the normal Open Access publication fee (between £1’000 and £2’500). As a subscribing institution to RSC Gold...

Berlin Declaration signed
Mon 11.03.13

With the signing of the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities by the directorates of Eawag, Empa, PSI and WSL, all four research institutes in the ETH Domain now support the open access idea. The PSI already signed the Berlin Declaration back in 2006. Recently, the directorates of Eawag, ...

New in 2013: E-Journals
Wed 06.02.13

New e-journals: • Two new journals from Nature Publishing Group: Heredity & Polymer Journal. • The new database Applied Science & Technology Source offers full texts for 1,200 journals. It replaces the full-text database «A…

New in 2013: E-Books
Tue 05.02.13

The new year brings several new, expanded, and updated e-book collections for all members of Eawag, Empa, PSI, and WSL. New e-book collections: • Nearly 5,000 science and engineering e-books from Cambridge University Press. • Chemical science e-books from the Royal Society of Chemistry...

New in 2013: Databases & Reference Works
Tue 29.01.13

We have licensed several new databases and reference works for our users at Eawag, Empa, PSI & WSL: SpecInfo gives access to some of the largest collections in mass spectrometry (MS), Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), and Infrared and near Infrared spectroscopy. This is a trial access for 2013. P…

Open Access Event at Empa
Tue 22.01.13

Open Access refers to providing free online access to research articles. Last Monday, researchers at Empa were invited to discuss the challenges and opportunities of Open Access publishing. Gian-Luca Bona gave an introduction to the seminar Open Access publishing: How should Empa-researchers respond?. He also announced the recent ...

The Lib4RI Standards Portal
Wed 16.01.13

Since the first of January, we offer the Lib4RI Standards Portal as a central starting point for searching for and finding standards and technical guidelines. The Lib4RI Standards Portal includes bibliographic information for more than 1.5 million standards and technical guidelines. This does away with the previous, sometimes tedious ...

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